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Telerik UI for Xamarin

最佳质量的Xamarin UI控件,用于快速开发和卓越的性能.

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Telerik Earns Multiple TrustRadius Best of Development 2021 awards

Telerik has won Best Feature Set and Best Customer Support.


Telerik UI Earns TrustRadius' 2021 Top Rated Award

Progress Telerik UI has earned TrustRadius’ Top Rated Award for Software Components and .NET Development.


Xamarin.Forms Controls Key Features

Xamarin的Telerik UI提供了高质量的Xamarin Forms UI组件和Visual Studio项目模板来支持每个开发人员, regardless of their experience, to build professional-looking modern mobile applications for iOS, Android and UWP.

Native Xamarin Controls & Advanced UI Virtualization

Build your next Xamarin.表单应用程序具有一套完整的业务就绪、功能丰富的本地UI控件,可以无缝集成到项目中,并具有高级UI虚拟化功能, fast loading, flexible customization capabilities, MVVM support and countless other features.

Save Months in UI Development with One Suite for Any Scenario

Xamarin的Telerik UI提供了所有的控件,您将需要构建现代外观和高性能的Xamarin.Forms applications. Optimized for phones, tablets and desktop, 该工具集使您能够将开发时间缩短一半,并将重点放在应用程序的业务逻辑上.

Stay Ahead of the Xamarin Innovation Curve

From Blazor Bindings or .NET MAUI to the latest Android and iOS support libraries, the Telerik team is always one step ahead of the curve. 与微软团队紧密合作,确保Xamarin套件的Telerik UI始终与最新的尖端技术和最佳编程实践相兼容.

Dark Mode Support

Dark mode is more than a trend, it is a necessity. Xamarin组件的所有Telerik UI都经过专业优化,支持Android Dark Theme和iOS Dark Mode, 让用户可以在明暗主题之间进行切换,以获得最佳的视觉舒适度.

Localization and Globalization

Ship applications anywhere—in any country and language. Xamarin控件的所有Telerik UI都是完全可本地化的,并且能够检测设备区域性以便应用适当的文本, number and date formats.

Document Processing Libraries

With Telerik Document Processing Libraries built for .NET Standard, you can easily import, export, create, 操作和转换最常见的文档文件格式,如XSLX, DOCX, PDF in your Xamarin.Forms application, without the need to use Microsoft Office Interop.

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  • Enterprise resource management
  • Customer relations management
  • Task management
  • AI-powered content database
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Xamarin.Forms Controls Showcases

Canberra Trip Planner

by VisitCanberra
When it comes to Canberra, 这是一件接一件的好事,所以和世界上第一个视频旅行计划器一起计划你的旅行吧. 从100多个迷你时刻中选择,创建您的完美访问的个性化电影预告片.

BidMagic Tech Calendar

By BidMagic Corp
BidMagic Tech Calendar manages the schedule and tasks of field techs. Create work orders, service tickets and quick tasks for iPhones. Techs can view their schedule, maps and directions to jobsites, open detailed work orders and service tickets, mark tasks complete and clock in and out of the appointments from iPhones.


By retcoil
Need to find something on the move? Buying and selling is now at your fingertips with the new ad app. AD是一款高级分类应用程序,用于购买房屋、出售汽车或寻找二手产品. No hassle, no headaches, simple, and its absolutely free.

Upgrade to Telerik DevCraft Complete

Be Ready for Any Project & Technology

Save up to 50% in development time by getting 1,250+ .NET和JavaScript UI组件,用于构建web、桌面和移动应用程序.

Get the Best Value for Money

享受Xamarin的Telerik UI以及嵌入式报告和模拟工具,同时节省高达90%的升级价格.

What's New with Telerik UI for Xamarin

SignaturePad control for Xamarin

New component: SignaturePad


Programmatically control the images of the Xamarin ImageEditor

Programmatic Control for ImageEditor

The Xamarin ImageEditor control now comes with programmatic control.

Telerik UI for Xamarin DataGrid control: Support for binding DataTable

Bind Data Table to Xamarin DataGrid

这个新的DataGrid控件允许您轻松地将DataGrid ItemsSource绑定到一个数据表.

Xamarin.Forms Controls Support and Learning


Telerik Tagit

Source code and coding-walkthrough for a full-featured Xamarin app. It's all yours and it's free.

Telerik Tagit是一个光滑的跨平台原生移动Xamarin应用程序,旨在把你的手机上的照片收集成一个数据库,你可以搜索和排序的内容包含在单个图像. It uses Progress Telerik UI for Xamarin controls for the front end, offering a stunning, high-performant UI and Microsoft Azure's Computer Vision API (part of the Cognitive Services suite) on the backend to caption images and tag them with search keywords. The app is available for Andriod, iOS, and UWP.

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4 Steps To Jumpstart Your Xamarin App Development

面向消费者的应用能够提高用户的参与度和用户体验, 而内部应用程序可以显著提高生产率和运营.

Xamarin eBook Graphic

The Ultimate Guide to Xamarin.Forms Mobile Development with Real World Sample Applications

In this eBook, we will walk you through three real-world Xamarin.表单应用程序示例,它们的后端架构和数据访问,UI层和源代码.

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