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用于PHP的Telerik UI

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Telerik Earns Multiple TrustRadius Best of Development 2021 awards

Telerik赢得了 最好的特性集Best Customer 支持.


Telerik UI Earns TrustRadius' 2021 Top Rated Award

Progress Telerik UI has earned TrustRadius’ Top Rated Award for Software Components .网络的发展.


  • PHP Components for Any Scenario

    用于PHP的Telerik UI contains 100+ jQuery-based UI widgets for building sites 和 mobile apps for any use case scenario with JavaScript 和 HTML5

  • Server- 和 Client-Side APIs

    用于PHP的Telerik UI gives you complete control over the 网络 和 DataViz widgets via complete server-side APIs. 
  • Extensive 文档 和 Interactive 演示

    Get started with our extensive documentation 和 interactive demos for all PHP components. All PHP components share rendering with Kendo 为jQuery UI so you get the same look 和 experience.

  • Outst和ing 支持

    Work in comfort knowing you can rely on our award-winning technical support team with any issues you may encounter on your development journey.

  • Built-in Themes 和 Swatches

    用于PHP的Telerik UI comes with 20+ professionally designed built-in themes 和 swatches that can be easily customized with a few lines of CSS.

  • ThemeBuilder工具

    The Progress SASS ThemeBuilder tool allows you to quickly customize any theme to perfectly match your application’s style.

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    支持 和 Learning


    Sample 应用程序

    剑道UI Bootstrap

    Take a look at the 用于PHP的Telerik UI components alongside with the grid layout 和 responsive CSS provided by 推特 Bootstrap in this demo application. Download the repo 和 run the application on your computer with just a few clicks.


    Getting started with PHP

    Learn how to build a PHP application 和 populate it with data using 剑道UI wrappers. Check out the second 和 third parts of the video series to see the components in more advanced use case scenarios.


    Most Popular PHP components

    Тelerik UI为PHP offers 100+ UI components for building powerful applications in no time. Explore the intuitive demos available for all UI components in the suite 和 share rendering with Kendo 为jQuery UI.


    Industry-Leading 支持

    Expert 和 Timely 支持

    Get answers to your questions directly from the developers who build this UI suite, even during your trial period.


    Need Evaluation Help?

    If you are not a developer or don't have time to evaluate our product, send us your project requirements. We will evaluate your required features 和 let you know how our products fit your needs.

    Send us your project requirements

    有什么新鲜事 和 路线图

    用于PHP的Telerik UI 《平博注册》 Component

    New PHP Component: 《平博注册》

    Perfect for displaying entities with small photos, custom icons, avatars, or initials in your apps.

    用于PHP的Telerik UI Pivot网格 概述

    New 和 Improved PHP Component: Pivot网格

    The new Pivot网格v2 was built from the ground up 和 has an updated design to ensure the performance 和 user experience are as good as they can be.

    Theming Options Buttons, 下降Downs, 输入 和 Date输入


    R1 2022 delivers updates for Buttons, 输入, Date输入 和 下降Downs with a set of common options that will help define colors, 大小, 和 shape of individual components.


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